Exultations of Fear

Desperations arise from uncertainties.
Anxieties that cannot be compensated.
Compulsions that cannot be saciated.

An angry being awakens from slumber,
To not be put to rest once again.
Desperations arise from uncertainties, haven’t you heard?
And the yellow energy spreads from your chest to your face, to your limbs, and you become one with your anxieties.
The angry entity claws away at your skin and your mind and soul.
You ache to erase this perversion from yourself, but you can’t.
You give in to your compulsions as you deem them to be your saviors. But they cannot be saciated.

You know uncertainty is a certainty and yet, you hesitate. You assume a position of doubt.
Dare to break this stand and you will prosper. Dare to give in again, and you will slowly perish within yourself… Only to never be you, once more.

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