Octobre Rouge

I could feel the Fall take over the city. Chillier October days were premonitions of revolutions: of leaves, of rainy days, of cloudy skies and resolutions.

The insanity levels were threatening to spike. Isolation gaps widening. Teeth grinding and sweat slipping between contorted bodies, a transitional period that always brings an unusual level of pain and a solace from continuity.

The wind blows more confidently, among kids and families and individuals. A raindrop falls on an unsuspecting stranger. A bird flies away, looking for refuge. Leaves circulate on the floor with electric plastic bags and sullen newspapers.

October brought in the anticipation for a freeze. But time does not rest frozen. It requires the courage to carry on, to fight, to sharpen teeth and wit, and to put in physical effort that will later translate.

Cloudy, savory gray skies fill up the entire palette.
Resolute minds will have to take their sweet time this year. Forgiveness has not been awarded yet. They must only take the energy to push on.

Sweat drips down from a concerned brow. Eyes close down for a split second. A steady breath is released upon the world. And the wind sweeps the streets, once more.

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