On (Permanent) Grief

(Immortalities that fail to materialize,

Baring unconscionable feelings

All over our overwhelmed bodies.)

Taking the time to realize

The real implications of true pain

And how they flow over generations,

Grasping misery that falls like rain,

Refusing to acknowledge their lovely elations.

Any emotions

Are spit out on drunkenly instants

Or other manipulated states of mind.

That numb is deemed acceptable

Beyond a certain time of day,

Is something you will find.

Tears of mad lack of understanding,

Words piecing together impossibilities,

Awareness plays demanding

And other charades take their rightful place.

(Mortalities birthed out onto the world,

Baring naked nothingness into our minds

And pour misfortune unto our bodies.)

You fail to place a word

To define the shadows that captivate you,

As there appears to be none.

You’ve been known to love quite a few,

Yet they all just taste dry, cold and bland.

Cry out,

And chase out

Any emotions.

Anger is not graceful,

Just you remember.

Nor is laughter,

Even if it’s a mere reflection of pained absurdity.

Tears are of mad lack of comprehension,

Made of centuries of pent-up aggravation.

And though they are ink for penned out sadness,

They are also a show for unknown strengths

That also breaks from time to time.

(Immortality is never to be granted.

We rose from dirt to be bare and feel.

Earthquakes and erosion crackling our skin,

Frost and rain to open up our wounded epidermis,

And above our eyes, stars and auroras for wonder.)

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