Bad Hombres

Idiots with big hats,
Playing as big, clumsy orange cats,
Governing their plays on democracy,
Spelling it out dumb-o-cracy.

(Philosophies foregone,
Ideals and morals told ‘Begone’.
Liberty and rights shadowing stupidities
And other sorts of inequities.)

Orange cat says ‘Bad Hombres everywhere’,
But this hombre belongs nowhere.
This hombre has a family to feed,
‘Just some dinero, por favor.’

(Economies for the wealthy,
Pilling burocracies for the misfortunate.
Healthcare and social security are fantasies
And so are housing and basic dignity.)

Quién tiene hambre,
No causa harm, hombre.
Let go of your failed prejudices!
Your mouth is hate and your hate… ‘Qué dices?’

(How are truths held as self-evident,
If evidently, they’re not for all of ourselves?
Liberty, justice, happiness or its pursuit,
Forsake it now, or follow suit.)

This ‘Bad Hombre’ tenía amor,
Pasión y orgullo traded for dolor.
Running away from pain shouldn’t become punishment,
But so it is for the establishment.

(Declarations, Constitutions and Laws
Are paper riddled with flaws.
Empty and pompous arrangements indeed,
Fulfill many Men’s Egos and Greed.)

(Quién és el Bad Hombre, al final?)

The idiot with a hat has a crowd standing,
Beside and behind him, raving.

The hombre sits alone,
Outside the restaurant, moaning:
“Dreams are not made of plata,
Pero, que bueno sería…”
And falls asleep, as tired souls eventually do.
His ceiling is the gelid night,
And the alarm clocks are the traction
Of people’s stomping feet on concrete.
Not a golden tower of self-satisfaction
And terrible loathing, incomplete
With fleshy morbidity and crassness.

Kill the egos and greeds.
Mankind needs none of such.
El hombre no es malo, solo se volve…
Or at least, that’s what some may believe.
Nature and civil,
Disobedience’s aplenty.
Kill the establishment
And its choking hand.
Let the hombre live,
He’s got a family in dire need.
Kill the idiot with the hat
Before he flees, as the orange cat.

Failed states, stalemates,
Dumb-o-cracy must come to an end.
Arise, hombre, stand above the sore loser!
(Who’s the bad hombre now?)

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