Ceci n’est Pas Une Invitation

It’s quite simple actually…

Our existence is not an invitation.

Your assumptions are not a justification.

Your thoughts are not an explanation.

Your actions do have consequences, even if you fail to understand.

We have all had enough of the aggression, the lack of control or agency, the fatality of your conscious games and malevolence.

My body is not an invitation. I have feelings and the ability to consent.

You say you don’t comprehend the anger, the frustration, the million divergent ways to say and show that “no” is “no”.

But you do. You really do. You just can’t stand the fact that, finally, you have to answer for your crimes and sins.

But know we’ve all had enough. And none of us is going to be silent anymore.

I exist, and it doesn’t mean that therefore, I am an invitation. Learn it fast.

I am not an invitation. And if you do love women, as you claim, learn that fast.

I am not an invitation. No one is.

It’s quite simple actually. But you already know that. So start practicing it, too.

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