White Dress

Wishing I was floating across the perfumed hills of a May afternoon, small wildflowers jumping up from the warm Earth, wind flying through the trees tall and tiny, sun setting lazily over top.

A white dress flows along with the breeze and with such simple ease, you wouldn’t take it for a man-made garment. Yet you would question how such beauty was to arise anywhere… but in your heart you would know, it’s how Nature works.

Everything follows a path, a trail, a journey. And now that all feels so aimless, perhaps a little time dedicated to the natural wonders of our world would offer the just solution to the complicated circumstances we all face.

Maybe just a little floating, jumping and flying. And a white dress flowing in the breeze.

1 thought on “White Dress”

  1. The quiet peaceful sound of the hem of that white dress, being moved by the softness of a warm summer breeze, comforts my soul.


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