Pioneer to the Fall(ing)

Laying down on a luscious old couch
Colorful strobes of endless light fly about
And I’m in the dream of a lively mistress
Waiting for her painful lover’s call
Praying for another opportunity to fall

The ceiling shines bright and fleeting
As conversations draw along to nothingness
And curious souls come in the room
To experience the enticing psychedelic marvel
That we have become used to unravel

The night in the bar above appeals
To exploring the entire decadence building
And I run up the stairs, intoxicated
And drag everyone into the mistress’ reverie
Since she is as lonely as I (dear chérie)

And we all sit in a chaise longue or a sofa
And we revel in the mystical energy of the dark
Though the window calls in for a new adventure
We sit and now relish in our silence
Alien voices and music to aid our minor penance

I look outside, alone and dreary
And in my thoughts I’d find known solace
And the consciousness of loneliness to come
These people surround me now, moths and fireflies,
Yet I see nothing but magic between any lies

The mistress is me, up in smoke and fascination
Otherworldly passion and attraction
And a dire hidden need for love and adoration
Where is my lover in all this madness
One question that engulfs me in sadness

The bass and drums soothe my soul
Enough to forget the throbbing heartache
And perhaps the music is insufficient
But the lyrics, they resound their siren appel
To rest upon our broken navel

I imagine the strobbing lights still fly
And the couch tempts me to lie upon it
So I can dream once more, though numb
And believe my lover will call
So I can have a new opportunity to fall
And pour my love unto him endlessly
And die one more night beside him
Since he’s never to be of mine.

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