Wash away my pain,
Oh sweet angel of mine!,
And sing me some refrain
My body still exhales fear
And my scars ache for sufferings gone
Oh blue nostalgia does shine
Will it ever be foregone?

My reeling body and imagination
They believe the punishment
Oh Christian education!,
Will it ever lead me to heaven?
The Holy Ghost that does haunt me
Was disguised in loving clothes,
Only to forever taunt me
And reappear in my naked dreams.

I’m alive, Lord,
Though for how long, I wonder
Something I thought I wouldn’t afford
I cry, I scream and now I create
I write a loving song for you
In hopes it will bid me forgiveness
And send me an angel true
To wash the pain that remained

I wish I was stronger, oh Lord
But my flesh and feeling are sensible
And when it struck, that heavy sword
Oh, it made me bleed for months!
And healing is taking me years…
I won’t falter, though I feel weary
And my days are dissolved in fears
I will pray I’ll be able to love once more
As fully and majestically as I did before
And I’ll sing in your praise, dear Lord,
For your patience and time have revived me
And my sensibilities have sustained me,
As they remind me I’m still breathing.

Wash away my pain,
Oh, lovely angel of mine!
Show me it was not all in vain.
Sing some kindness and love unto me
And release my body from this grief.
My hair has since so grown
And my body has shed so many cells
And my lips have kissed another
And my hands have wandered someone else’s hair.
Long has been since a tear has swept my left cheek
And longer has been since I’ve longed for that heavenly ghost
That nearly lead me to Perdition

I trust your love, oh Lord!
Please guide me to love.
Send me one of your angels, dear Lord,
Lead it to cleanse my mind and soul
And restore my kindness
I long not for revenge,
Only for refrain and forgiveness.
I’ve been praying for it for years now.
I’m ready.

Oh, wash my pain away,
Oh dearest angel of mine!
You do feel and know how much I need it.
And then lead me away,
So I can continue my journey.
I am but a poet that can’t sing for you, oh Lord
But I’ll whisper ‘Hallelujah’ at the sky
And hope it will reach that high.
I will write my words for your kindness and love
And teach the world what I’ve been longing for.


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