Il Poema dei Lunatici

Lunatici, tutti voi
But so am I
In everything we must avoid,
We become lunatics.

Out of thirst,
Out of sadness,
Out of madness.
Society so decided
We must be lunatics.

Fever reaches unbearable temperature,
Misery only so will mature
And raving mad we become.
But we were not born in such a way,
We became lunatics, or so they say.

Lunatici, tutti voi!
But don’t mark my words just yet,
We’ve only just met.
And all are details,
The stories tend to be much bigger
Or perhaps that’s how I figure.

We die of irresistible thirst,
Of indescribable sadness,
Of prescribed madness.
We are given the medicine,
They must cure us lunatics.

But lunatics as we are,
We didn’t meet this fate alone.
We didn’t design our lives as such,
We didn’t desire so little or so much,
But now we are lunatics.
Or so they say.

Lunatici, tutti voi.
Silence in an inescapable void.
Everything we tiredly avoid,
And yet we become lunatics.

No water can quench this thirst,
No goodness can salvage this sadness,
No amount of calm can ever soothe this madness.
We will always be lunatics.
Siamo lunatici, tutti noi.

Siamo lunatici,
E saremo sempre così.

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