Night Walk

Night creeps up to me,
As dogs howl in the distance.
The earth is scalding,
The heart is losing warmth,
And I walk slowly, but unsurely.

There’s only the sound of barking,
And the fleeting buzzing,
And my blood rushing to my brain,
And my thoughts trying to make me insane.

I’m not sure how I came to be here,
But here I am.
The earth is still emanating heat
And my heart is growing colder.
I keep walking though I’m still unsure.

The trees wave peacefully,
White leaves gently saying hello.
The tall grass dances
And I become hypnotized.

My thoughts rage and go,
Though not as violently as they had been.
I know if they ever become fully silent,
I will not be telling their story anymore,
Or I’ll be sleeping as soundly as ever.

The only refuge on lonely Summer nights
Is the imagination.
And she runs wild –
Oh, what a child!
But if dreams make people children,
Let me fall into a deep slumber
And turn back the time.

Sometimes my ideas ease the loneliness,
Sometimes they become obsessions,
Sometimes they fade into black
And I become alone once more.

My heart is as chilled as it can be,
And I long for warmer temperatures.
Scorching times come back to mind,
And they brand my conscience one more time.
I’m alone, but I pretend I won’t be any longer.

The future seems more powerful
But it never appears to arrive.
The present is bland
And I remove myself from it.
The past comes back,
And it always leaves a painful mark.

My imagination sets in
To try and save my wounded heart and brain,
And I wonder if I should allow it to escape me.
But I always do.
Loneliness simply hurts too much.

Night has fully overcome the sky.
And though stars now cover the horizon,
Dogs still howl as solemnly as earlier.
The earth cools and takes a breath,
My heart receives a shot of warm blood,
And I walk back home.

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