(Guilty) Pleasure

I wonder about this quite often.
I know what it is,
But it always felt like a forbidden secret,
Something I could perhaps afford to miss.

Teach me pleasure
Since I’ve only known it fleetingly.
Teach me pleasure,
As something I also deserve to seek
Ever so unwittingly.

Teach me pleasure,
Since all I know is guilt and shame.
Teach me pleasure,
Because I don’t care about fame
Or anything that’s too obviously a game.

Sometimes I wish I had been born a man
Because all we learn is guilt, shame
Oh, and pain!
And though men chase these feelings relentlessly,
They know nothing about them.
Guilt, shame and pain,
Are all games they desire to play unrelentingly,
While completely unaware of the consequences,
Their soul-obliterating consequences.

Pleasure should be enough.
And that’s why we wish we would know it.
I want to know it
And allow it to entirely wrap up my body,
My soul, all of my spirit.
It’s been hidden from me enough
And hell knows, I’ve hidden from it myself.

Pleasure should flow through all of our lives,
As we all deserve to feel it.
So teach me pleasure,
It tires me not to know it so fully.
It kills me to hide from it.

I’m not looking to play dangerous games,
I’m just looking to take what should be mine.
I don’t want to know only guilt and shame and pain.
I deserve pleasure,
And it will be mine.

1 thought on “(Guilty) Pleasure”

  1. I’ve never viewed these feelings as belonging only to females. But you’re right, the majority of men I know, including myself, tends to ignore guilt and regret, while focusing on pleasure. Why is this? Maybe it’s our inability to travel deeper within our emotions? Whatever the reason I hope that you take advantage of all the pleasure that’s soon to be yours.



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